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Deregulation of Surveyors

Douglas W. Nunamaker, PSM No. 6297
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Re: Surveying Deregulation House Bill 5005

Honorable Representative,

I find it surprising and shocking that Professional Surveyors and Mappers have been included in this shortsighted list of 33 businesses on the block for deregulation. How in the world can this important, difficult, and highly technical and skilled profession be lumped in with body wrappers, auctioneers, and hair braiders, to name just a few?

This profession has been responsible for the lay-out and maintenance of our entire physical infrastructure for every private construction or public development in every city, county, and state in the country. Granted it has only been licensed and regulated in the State of Florida for about 50 years, but there is a reason for that. Unqualified and unregulated surveyors were causing more problems in their determination of actual property lines than they were curing. Endless litigation and disputes between neighbors over property lines has been the result of that work ever since, and it continues today. I have personally been in areas in our own county where entire neighborhoods have been in constant turmoil for many years because of unqualified people with cloth tapes and a compass have laid out entire subdivisions. It is very costly and a huge burden for most of these homeowners to get these boundary disputes remedied. And who is going to correct these and many other problems? More unlicensed and unqualified people who think they can perform a proper boundary survey with a hand held GPS unit and a property appraisers map?

Surveying is one of the most challenging and demanding of professions and requires the understanding of many sciences above and beyond mathematics, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, spatial relationships, cartography, hydrology, elevation certificates, instrument operation and maintenance and not the least of which-- the interpretation deeds and how they apply to Florida Laws.
Minimum technical standards have been put in place for a reason—to protect the public from fallacious arguments by unqualified surveyors. Any idiot can find a pipe in the ground and begin measuring and lay out a lot or divide a parcel, but has that pipe been proven by fact and law to be the actual corner to begin his measurements? Does he even know or care to prove that legal fact? Why would he if he had no one to answer to? If it was an incorrect point of beginning, it would inevitably lead to huge title issues for all parties involved.

This is reason enough to leave it in the hands of proven professionals who have maintained their licensure, and abide by the minimum technical standards and laws of which have been many years in the making. We’ve come a long way in 50 years. Let’s keep Professional Surveying and Mapping PROFESSIONAL!!

Thank you,

Douglas Nunamaker, PSM